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If you have no hard copy text of the play titled Hamlet,The Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare, I recommend the MIT website for a reliable online version of the text of Hamlet.  Please donate to your public library system!best superimposed night shotThe purpose 

of this site is to expand upon the already extensive bibliographic resources supplied by The Mckeldin Library and University of Maryland, College Park, The Folger Shakespeare Library, Wikipedia, shine.unibas Website of Shakespeare’s translators and numerous other academic websites that are linked to this site.  The Shakespeareana and Bardolotry sites also provide ample research tools for many assignments.  It is extraordinary that we have the 400 year transmission history of Hamlet in skeletal form provided by Wikipedia and the 400 year translation history by the shine.unibas website.  I have used these sites as a treasure map, no doubt.  On both the unibas and the wikipedia sites there is enough information condensed spatially and temporally to engage thousands of scholars who want to explore Shakespearean scholarship, theatre history, critical reception histories, translation and cultural studies, and bibliography as a social and technical science.

I am using this word (Hamletitis) to reference the feeling of depression, anxiety, anger, fear homicidal and suicidal ideation that plagues the character known as Hamlet.  While this site does not pretend to counsel; it is dedicated to those who have lost loved ones to depression, addiction, suicide and/or traumatic or catastrophic death.  Because of the current epidemic of suicide, I ask those who are in need of help that mere study will not resolve: please call the national crisis center at 1-800-suicide and speak with a professional counselor or call 911 or go to a hospital if you or a loved one is in immediate danger.  If you are in the U.K. please call The Samaritans to get immediate assistance.  If the danger is not immediate, open a book or a website and enjoy a temporary virtual escape into the works of Shakespeare or any other author that provides temporary relief.

Why?  Because Hello World on Word Press or any other site is better than good-bye world by the demon of depression, PTSD, or any other complex state of mind or circumstance (s). And you already know the best answer to the great interrogative posed by Hamlet, “To be or not to be, that is the question.”   Yes, the answer is BE!

cropped-carol-interior-photo-1.jpgChoose Life.  Thank you for reading this research.